When a man is your superior, you know it just with a glance. You look at him and see his muscles, or his jaw, or the hair on his forearm and know that he is more real than you. Perhaps just a beer can in the hand or a fart is enough to show it.

Among straight men such knowledge leads to good-natured rivalry, sports, play fighting. Straight men can burp together while watching the game and not even notice. But there is another kind of man known as the faggot. Fart in a room with a faggot and he will be keenly aware.

The faggot is a man who cannot accept another man’s superiority over him. All faggots are narcissists. At the same time, all faggots are well aware of their inferiority. They both want to lord it over their superiors and be lorded over by them. This is why they pay attention to things like smells and excretions.

The faggot is, thus, in an impossible position, both wanting to rule and wanting to be ruled by the things he knows are better than him.

Any straight man confronted with a faggot’s untenable logic feels rage. The natural desire is to annihilate the faggot, to keep him in control. This is why faggots who have been integrated into society make good waiters and servants.

Any faggot confronted with another faggot feels the same rage. But in the interests of self-preservation, faggots cannot admit this truth to themselves. This elementary self-deception is why faggots fuck one another and pretend it is love: they will not admit the truth that straight men are their superiors, yet they repeat endlessly in perverse forms their attraction to the straight ideal.

To repeat, the basic dynamics of their interactions with each other replay the power differential between them and the straight men they adore – something Hegel pointed out long ago. More honest faggots enter into master-slave relationships that are explicitly recognized in those terms.

The tops are to be honored more than a bottom faggot because they know the value of maintaining hierarchy. Faggot bottoms greatly outnumber the tops, and it is all the tops can do to keep the faggots in line. The life of the top is a difficult burden, but this is also why they are so valued in their community and why they have value to the straight men: they keep the faggot bottoms in their place.

The bottoms, themselves also aware of the problem of their unruliness (though unwilling to admit it in those terms), all have the fetish of being humiliated by the tops. They know that their humiliation at the hands of their superiors is an integral part of keeping order in the world.

All gay porn is an extended essay in the means of humiliation enjoyed in the faggot boudoir – piss on them, rape, use their hole for all manner of penetration. Whatever can be dreamed is a technique for this project of control, even though it is rarely stated as such because its semantics become confused in the gush of lust, sweat, body hair, and semen.

It is too much to expect that the straight men should be tainted by having to deal with the problem of the faggots directly. It is enough that the straight men humiliate the faggots in less direct ways: by being better than them, by excelling in sports, by being real men, perhaps from time to time by making them the butt of jokes. Indeed, such means actively create certain faggot tops, who are converted to faggotry by means of such humiliations (and their resentments of them). Thus the tops are created by the straights; they are made into the agents and overseers whose sole function in society is to control the faggot bottoms.

It thus falls to the tops to do the real job of controlling the bottoms: of humiliating them more effectively and showing them their place. The organization of faggot culture from its inception is about teaching faggots their place in the order. Faggots are amenable to this, so there is no ethical issue involved. There are many ways to humiliate a faggot— again gay porn is the document of verification and the agent of instruction. Look at it for humanity’s ancient, sad lesson. The tops are and have been at no loss for ideas.

It is too obscene to state these matters too clearly too often, but it is true that deep inside everyone concerned admits to himself that the faggot is a worthless blot on society, and we all appreciate hearing the obscene truth on occasion, like a fart during the game. Let us assert again that the faggot is in an impossible position, both knowing its inferiority and simultaneously feeling convicted of its superiority.

Nevertheless, a faggot serves a purpose, like all waste does: without such an excuse, humanity would lack the scapegoat and object of scorn and disgust that it needs absolutely to function as a society. To organize culture around such a dynamic therefore has a utility, albeit a disgusting one.